This is a very nice, smooth drinking Riesling. The eye-catching golden buttery color has blessed this well aged white wine. The deep color (a sign of its age) only makes the tasting experience that much better. It is semi-sweet and well balanced on the palate. You’ll detect notes of apple and apricots that compliment the overall flavor without overwhelming it. We had opened a previous bottle back in 2008. This second bottle was one of those tucked away bottles that every collector will stumble upon every now and them. We were delighted to find that the wine certainly hadn’t lost it’s wonderful characteristics or lovely taste with age. Take care of your cellar and your cellar will take care of your wine. This one was a delight to sip and savor and enjoy with a meal, though it is equally delicious on its own. Well worth the trip and each sip!

IMG_4323 - Amwell Valley Vineyard - Riesling - 2005