Well, you certainly don’t see a mead like this one every day. Take some honey, add some hops, let mother nature do its fermentation and ….viola! You get a Mead like you’ve never tasted before. You actually get a nice Metheglin. And yes, it does have a beer taste to it, but a very stout style mead might be the best way to describe it. This also has nice citrus notes blending well with the overall taste. Made from buckwheat and clover honey, this is a wine that any hard core sports fan could drink and enjoy alongside their beer. Goes good with pretzels, too! 🙂 The guys might be surprised if you want to serve this one with your hamburgers or at the next game night, but it’s worth surprising folks and seeing how much they like the beer notes and flavor. You might just have a new item to add to your party shopping list and it is good served both chilled or room temperature.

IMG_4328 - Dancing Bee Winery - The Beerded One - NV