This nice red bordeaux meritage style wine is a mix of  Cabernet Sauvignon (68%), Merlot (18%), and Petite Sirah (14%).  It has retained its color pretty well over the last 14 years as well as a good bouquet.    The cork did crumble after opening, but still tasted good.  Flavors of toasted blackberry and cherry were still present.  There was some slight acidity to the taste and the characteristics were slightly diminished due to the age. Ideally, this bottle should have been enjoyed a few years earlier. However, we are happy to report it had not turned to vinegar and it was drinkable with a nice fatty meal to balance the deep flavors and acidity.  It was definitely on the downhill slide though and it would have been nice to enjoy this when it was at its peak. So friends, the take away here is don’t wait too long to drink a bottle of wine, even if you have it stored safely in the cellar as there are optimal timeframes in which to fully enjoy all that the lovely bottle has to offer.  We still enjoyed it and give many thanks to this lucky wine bottle we found in the back of the cellar!

IMG_4337 - Sister Creek Vineyards - 3 Blend - 2000