We had the opportunity to post some wine reviews of their 2011 releases back in 2013.  A year later, we finally get to say a few words about their winery and vineyard!  Carl Money bought up part of the town back in 2003.  He has since restored the old farm house and planted a good five acres of Tempranillo on these higher hill country elevations with well drained fertile red soils.  For 2014, they had 14 tons harvested!  Can’t wait for that vintage!!  Along with his father and uncle, this family run business is starting to make its mark on the Texas wine industry.    Grapes are sourced primarily from his vineyard estate, other surrounding vineyards in the Mason County area, or within Texas.  Mr. Money is committed to using only Texas sourced grapes. Don Pullum has been helping out with the wine making.  There is a tasting room in Pontotoc, but you can find Carl at the Fredericksburg tasting room, which is a shared shopping space with a few other great local vendors. Here, he is selling some of their great wines and allowing folks to come in and familiarize themselves with his wines. It makes sense to have a tasting room there due to Fredericksburg’s increased wine traffic these days.  There are five wines currently available for tasting, some of which are named after local historic sites.  The first wine is a 2011 Tempranillo with a good medium body and toasted oak qualities.  The second is the 2012 Tempranillo.  This one is good to compare to the 2011. You will find the 2012 has more vanilla characteristics than the 2011 as well as more tannins.  Next, is the 2012 Smoothing Iron Red.  This Tempranillo (75%)/Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), and Alicante Bouschet (5%) blend has quite delicious flavors of cherry and raspberry.  The 2012 Spy Rock (Cabernet Sauvignon – 68%/Alicante Bouschet – 22%/Mourvedre – 5%/ Tempranillo – 5%) has a bit more toasted fruit flavor with soft tannins.  Lastly, is the 2012 Valley Spring which is a Monastrell varietal.  This one has some slight citrus aromas as well as strawberry flavors.  Pontotoc Vineyard is a rising star in the Texas Hill County wine industry.  Come on out and visit sometime.  If you like earthy, dry, bold reds, we think you’ll enjoy!

IMAG1097 - Pontotoc Vineyard