2011 was a great year for Texas grapes, although a horrible year for just about everything else.  Red grapes from 2011 in Texas just have that extra pizzazz that red wine drinkers crave.  Although yields were much smaller in many Texas vineyards that year, they also benefited from high quality grapes.  Lost Draw Vineyards is no exception. You won’t find a bad grape from this vineyard and the great 2011 drought only made their grapes that much better.  Tim Drake of Flat Creek has taken these blessed grapes from Lost Draw and made a “beyond” wonderful Tempranillo wine.  It is a full bodied, beautiful experience like no other and is complimented with a great earthy finish. You’ll taste notes of plums and blackberries swirl across your tongue. This Tempranillo pairs nicely with a good thick ribeye, pork chop, or large rack of ribs.  Take your meaty pick because you can’t go working with this wine pairing. This vintage turned out really well and likely exceeded the expectations of many red wine lovers who have been waiting for it.  Best of all, this wine will likely age well in the cellar for another ten years and be even more fantastic.  So buy a case and enjoy one every year for the next decade!  Cheers!!

IMG_4551 - Flat Creek Estate - Tempranillo - 2011