These special superb wine releases are always fun to blog about.  This is one of those wines that you will say ‘I love you’ to.  Yes you will without any doubt!  Don’t feel embarrassed to hold this bottle up to your cheeks and give it a good wine kiss, because you really will love it that well.  Let’s start off with the bottle. The glass is not your typical wine bottle and is more like those heavier ones used for champagnes. It’s also very well tinted – a good sign that behind the scenes someone wanted the right kind of bottle and also knew this wine is going to be made to age.  After you initially open the bottle, feel free to be a wine geek and smell the wonderful floral aromas every few minutes as it breaths.  It’s what you do, because you love this wine. The aroma is….beyond pleasant, so just keep breathing in and out for a while as the bouquet continues to unfold. Once you’re ready to taste, make sure you have that high end wine glass.  After all, quality wine in a quality wine bottle deserves a quality wine glass!  The taste….”Magnifique!” With this wine, there will be no doubt if you are taste blind, that this is something special.  You’ll notice some good berry and peppery flavors along with its dry and nice finish.  You’ll be enticed by the deep purple color as it stimulates your visual senses. So, feel free to gaze in the glass and hold the wine to the light as you inspect the color and the edges where it meets the glass and enjoy every swirl.  You can tell that great care and respect has been bestowed not only upon the vines, but the grapes and wine making process.  Everything has perfectly come together in this wine.  It should age well for the next several years.  We look forward to a future posting on our second bottle in whatever the latest Internet social media fad form will be the norm for those future days.  So, pour yourself a nice big glass and have with a big meal.  Everything on your plate will taste good with this one!  Have a third bottle?  It’s ok if you put that one in your will to have it buried with you because you really do love it that much.  By then, friends and family will understand your wine obsession as well as toasting your long lived life with some of your other favorite wines. Double Cheers!!

IMG_5264 - Lewis Wines - Touriga Nacional - 2011