All it sometimes takes is some young guys with big ideas, passion, and hard work and presto….you have a great winery making some really good wine and establishing a name for itself!  This small winery located just west of Johnson City is putting out a good array of wines that are 100% Texas hand crafted wines. Bottom line, you really, really, need to check out the wines from these guys!  Owners Doug Lewis and Duncan McNabb (Pedernales Cellars “graduates”)  started making their own wine label in 2010 and opened for tasting by appointment a couple of years ago.  They have a local estate vineyard of about seven acres recently planted this year with focus on Portuguese varietals like Tannat and Touragi and others.  They also source grapes from a vineyard near Round Mountain as well as the Texas High Plains.  Let’s start with the whites.  The first on the list is Swim Spot (2013).  Made from a blend of Blanc du Bois (73%) and Chenin Blanc (27%),  it’s quite refreshing for those final days of Texas summer in November!  The other white, 2012 Texas White Wine, is a blend of Viognier (52%) and Chenin Blanc (48%).  It encompasses the best qualities of both varietals.  The 2013 Chenin Blanc is made from grapes from Mesa Verde and is quite nice, as well. Their 2013 Rose from Mourvedre is a hint of soft pale pink that could pass as an adult refreshing summer time beverage….think softer than pink lemonade shade. The 2011 Texas Red Wine is a blend of primarily Mourvedre and Tempranillo along with some Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.   It has a lovely lingering finish that’s best described as “wow”! The 2011 Merlot has its grapes sourced from Granite Hill Vineyards.  Yep, the same grapes you may have had from William and Chris and Compass Rose’s Merlot version.  Lewis Wines has kept the high standard from this vintage and vineyard and made their own great Merlot, as well.  So store these Merlot bottles in your private stash!  The Parr Tempranillo, sourced from Parr Vineyards in Mason County, is to die for. Only 198 cases produced of this one so get some while the gettin’ is good, as they are sure to be gone soon.  Lewis wines has done quite well with the Tempranillo grape that has helped put Texas on the world wine map. But the best is for last!  The 2011 Newsom Reserve is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Cabernet Franc (31%) and Malbec (13%). It’s a twist on their own Bordeaux style wines that packs some pleasure for the true red wine aficionado.  It just damn good… what else needs to be said!  It just has one of those beautiful finishes that lasts and lasts and a great bouquet. It makes you crave for more! Lewis Wines shows great promise in contributing quality Texas Hill Country wines to the growing list.  So, come visit, chat, and enjoy their own piece of Texas Hill Country setting with some of their wine! You will not be disappointed. Cheers and well done!!

IMG_4559 - Lewis Wines