Sourced from Lepard Vineyard in the Texas High Plains, this is truly one of those cabernets that shows that Texas can and does make some really great reds.  Given the right soil conditions, climate, and the right winemaker, these raw Texas grapes of promise really do transform into some great wine.  Go ahead and enjoy the aromatic bouquet after opening the bottle. You’ll likely do this repeatedly as it breathes, but that’s ok.  It’s all part of the experience that true wine geeks understand.  Feel free to decant or aerate before serving.  Before trying it though we encourage you to study it and admire the deep garnet color.  Stunning, isn’t it? When you breathe in the initial aroma from the glass, you’ll definitely notice a hint of raspberry. Take those initial sips and you’ll begin to taste both berry and nut flavors.  Quite good, right?  Having good acidity and a nice finish is just icing on the cake.  Being the smart red wine drinker, you’ll recognize that this will pair nicely with your favorite grilled steak.  This wine is one of those that you’ll want to stock up on so you can try a bottle annually ….or maybe every six months to see how it continues to age and unfold, because you just like it that much!  It will be interesting to compare notes over time to see how things change with age, and how much more the love continues to grow for this one. Special cheers for this bottle and pour me some more!

IMG_5332 - William & Chris Wines - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2012