Sometimes what was not intended…turns out to be just fine. This 12 year old bottle of Texas red wine may not have intended to start on this long journey and sit unopened for so long, but fate has turned out well for this one. This “Super Tuscan” blend of Sangiovese and Merlot (50/50) proved it could stand the test of time and still demonstrate its character in spite of its age. The bouquet was still nice and allowing the wine to breathe a bit really helped bring the vintage to life. It puts a nice “t” in tertiary aromas. Examining the wine in the glass to discern the color and note any separation, you may convince yourself that the color is fading, but honestly, little color separation was detected. You’ll swear that the taste continues to evolve with each taste, but not unexpected for a wine of this age. You’ll note some spice flavors consistently present throughout each sip. We realize the magical flavors fade quickly once a bottle of this age is opened and understand the need to fully enjoy it the day it is uncorked. Doubt there are too many of these bottles still lingering unopened, but if you find you have one, it does pair nicely with Italian dishes. As always, the artwork on the label is also worth saving with a lovely scene of Lake Austin in the Fall. Enjoyed this one!

IMG_5336 - Becker Vineyards - Autunno - 2003