Just say…mmm….mmm…good! This is one of those special little known wines you find that you’ll be savoring every moment…and then some.  This wine is a special craft of 85% Tempranillo from Tamara Dees’ Vineyard and 15% Sirah from Perissos Vineyards.  Take notice of the purple tint of this deep dark red wine.  It’s one of those eye catchers that you’ll love to gaze at.  Upon opening the bottle, enjoying the aroma and bouquet is 110% of the experience.  Take notice of the unique fruity and cedar aromas. It’s quite enticing to the taste buds.  Sip a little, then take a bigger sip as you savor the wonderful medley of flavors this red blend has to offer.  You’ll notice notes of coffee and tobacco along with a nice soft finish on the tannins. Yum!  This is just one of those all round well balanced smooth reds that makes life worth living.  Definitely grab a couple of glasses to share this one with someone you love. This specially crafted wine pairs nicely with pork and beef dishes and can equally stand on its own as an outstanding wine to help soothe the stresses of the day. A lovely inaugural release with grapes from this little vineyard in Central Texas that should be enjoyed!

IMG_5346 - Perissos Vineyards - Tamara – 2013