This was a nice find in the wine cellar and though the vintage says 2004, the wine was still wonderful! Of course, enjoying the experience starts with discovering the aromatic notes when you open the bottle and begin to let the wine breathe. Being the wine geek that you are, you’ll also take notice of the fine crystals on the inside of the cork. Looks marvelous doesn’t it! No signs of cork cracks or seepage are also a good sign of a good red wine coming your way. Now take a good deep breath from the glass again and sip away. Delicious! Those hints of chocolate and plums are quite nice and the wine has a lovely smoothness. Definitely a bottle to please the red wine drinkers. Mysteriously, all the wine in the bottle is gone…..must be those wine fairies. This bottle of Syrah is a good example of why a 10+ year red wine can be worth the wait. Although Mandola Winery may be no more in Driftwood, if you find any of the bottles still around, don’t be afraid to pop the cork and give it a try. Enjoy!

IMG_5352 - Mandola Winery - Syrah - 2004