This is a nice easy drinking sparkler for those special occasions. This blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir has tropical fruit aromas and a nice elegant bouquet. It is easy to get mesmerized while staring at the bubbles twinkling and swimming amid the pretty golden hued nectar. The sparkler has both tart and citrus fruit flavors that are noticeable, but also a soft and clean to crisp finish all in one sip. It’s not too dry, nor too sweet. So we find it very versatile and amazing! You really can’t go wrong with this one as it is suitable to pair with a multitude of items, and is also wonderful to enjoy on its own. Of course, the bad part about popping a bottle of bubbly is that the corks expand once opened and you cannot recap. So, as we were saying, the bad part is that you need to enjoy it once opened. Which we don’t necessarily have any objections to, so it might be an excuse to sit and enjoy the bottle with company. Which may not be a bad idea to someone who enjoys their bubbly and sharing a lovely bottle with others! Have fun and enjoy.

IMG_5368 - Casa Valduga - 130 Sparkling Wine Brut - NV