How many good Corvina wines have you come across in the U.S.?  And how many Amarone style winemakers have you come across?  Probably very, very, very few.  This was one of the first releases by Circle S Vineyards a number of years ago.  When we first visited CSV, the owner (Dave Stacy) mentioned that he only makes this wine when the grapes are just right.  There is no sense in making wine from grapes unless they meet the meticulous detailed criteria to merit the wine making process.   Since Amarone style wines can be very time consuming and expensive, you’ll appreciate why the winemaker was selective about when to make the wine.  In the end, time a patience yields a very good tasting wine.  This bottle has mysteriously sat for some time and somehow escaped being picked for drinking earlier.  Guess it was waiting for the right time to “be chosen”.  The wine had moderate tannins with a complex yet somewhat smooth body.  Cherry notes were evident to tempt the taste buds with a long lingering finish afterwards that was quite nice.  You should pair this one with some untraditional Italian dishes. A special wine like this deserves that little know Italian secret dish!   Sadly, the winery has since closed.  Savor those CSV bottles you have left and enjoy with your closest friends!

IMG_5370 - Circle S Vineyards - Corvina Amarone - 2006