These premium red wines from Messina Hof are always a pleasure to open and enjoy.  The brand name alone sets the stage with a great reputation that you’re about to sip something really, really good.  This Bordeaux style red wine is a testament to the quality wines that are produced by this award winning winery. Even after fifteen years on the shelf, it’s still smooth enough to drink for any occasion.  After about twenty minutes, it really begins to open up and unfold the character, depth and intensity of the flavors you’ve been expecting.  It’s quite delightfully strong on the berry notes, with hints of chocolate and cherries too. While enjoying the glass of wine, you might also be taking notes on the cork.  It has some very impressive and detailed artwork unlike most other corks.  It’s definitely a souvenir for your cork collection!  Pour a second glass of this vintage as you toast to your wine sipping partner because once you uncork a lovely aged wine such as this one, you will want to enjoy the whole bottle!

IMG_5374 -  Messina Hof Winery - Paulo - 2002