As you can tell from the cork in the picture, this is going to be a very good and well aged red wine!  Just look at that dark black side of the cork for a while in anticipation of sipping.  Kind of gets your taste buds worked up, doesn’t it?  No leaks or crumbly cork is a good sign, too. This Pinot Noir has a rich ruby hue and has a slightly sweet note, without being a sweet wine. Your palate initially notices the fruity berry notes, with hints of blackberry and cherry in this well rounded, medium bodied wine. This is not too dry, and has a nice finish without harsh tannins. This Pinot Noir makes a nice accompaniment to bold meat dishes like lamb, wild boar, and hearty steaks and Italian dishes. We were pleased with the quality of the wine after 10 years and recommend you pick up a bottle to enjoy yourselves!

IMG_5376 - Santa Maria Cellars - Pinot Noir - 2005