Next time you’re zooming down I-10 in Texas between Houston and San Antonio, take a country road side trip off of Schulenburg and check out this wine jewel tucked away in the countryside. Owner Luca Suschitz has been operating this place for the past three years.  The inside tasting room décor is fantastic.  It has that old world brick style on the inside with open spaces and high ceilings. Take a seat at one of the tables or the comfy sofas to enjoy your tasting session.  You’ll definitely be in for a special treat. Not only will you be sampling some very good Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish wines, but you’ll also have some outstanding samples of quality cheeses, salami, grapes, bread, and some awesome olive oil as part of your wine pairing experience.  On the estate, Luca grows Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish using organic methods.  Sampling the 2013 and 2014 dry Blanc du Bois is like night and day.  They are both quite good, but the notes and textures and surprisingly different.  You might be astonished at the pleasant hints of buttery notes from the 2013 vintage compared to the 2014 which is more citrusy with grapefruit notes as well as crisp texture. The 2013 and 2014 Lenoirs (Lenoir Cervene) are both very good and could rival and traditional dry red wine.  The 2013 is quite mature with deep long lasting finishes.  The 2014 is a bit dryer and excellent as well.  You might compare the 2014 Lenoir as the younger brother of the 2013 vintage.  Both vintages have some merlot blended in to round out and compliment the Black Spanish grapes.  The Moravia Rose is a sweet version of the Lenoir that when chilled is quite delicious.  Something quite unique are the imported Czech wines from the Moravia region that can also be sampled and bought at the winery. The Sauvignon Blanc (2011) and Riesling (2013) have much of the quality flavors you expect from old world wines. It’s a good selection to help calibrate your white wine senses.  Luca also has a few wines made from west coast grapes available to provide additional depth to the wine selection offered. After you’re tasting has concluded, you can stay in linger in the tasting room over a glass of your favorite wine, or enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea.  Now how is that for a host! In addition to the wines, the olive oil you sampled with your tasting is also available and has been imported from Italy. We recommend not leaving without a bottle or two. The oil is made with great quality olives from Italy and tasting them helps you appreciate how lovely really great olive oil is! Take your time when you’re here…be in the moment and enjoy what’s inside the tasting room, as much as the quaint, relaxing and quiet beauty of the country estate winery. This is truly a little piece of heaven that should be visited! There is no rush and the owner and his staff will make you feel welcomed and happy.

IMG_5480 - Moravia Vineyard & Winery