From one of the most beautiful Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, this white wine is a special treat from the old world.  Produced from 50+ year old vines, this Assyrtiko (75%) / Athiri (25%) blend is a great combination of two of Santorini island’s grapes.  It is a dry white wine with ripe citrus and smoky aromas. This pale white wine is smooth with soft buttery notes and citrus fruit flavors that greet you followed by bold minerality and slight peppery notes on the finish. There is a very subtle effervescence and unique earthy notes characteristic of the Santorinian viticultural region.  Just imagine yourself sipping this wine with the lovely backdrop of a beautiful deep blue sea in the distance. This is simply a wonderful gem wine that you’ll want to keep and share with friends. It is a wonderful summer sipping wine on its own, but also pairs nicely with light and creamy cheeses, seafood, chicken and vegetarian dishes. If you haven’t tried Greek wines yet, we encourage you to give this one a swirl, as it provides the opportunity to see how lovely Greek whites are. Cheers or “στην υγειά σας!”

IMG_5499 - Domaine Sigalas Winery - Assyrtiko_Athiri - 2014