Located out along the countryside of Schulenburg and Moravia, this winery is a good place to kick back and enjoy some wine, friends, and music, plus art.  This friendly establishment by Randy and Lynne Majek started out with vines planted in 2013. Lynne is a graduate of the Texas Tech Viticulture certificate program (2013) and has applied her new found expertise to the Texas grape growing industry.  This family land had once grown many different types of crops in the past and now Randy and Lynne are embarking on growing grapes on this rich fertile soil.  They have about 1.5 acres of Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish vines planted on the estate and hope to have their estate wines made from the 2015 harvest in the coming months. Randy is getting his expert training thru Tech’s enology certification program, as well.  They opened their tasting room in March of 2014. The folks at Texas Custom Wine Works have helped them out with their initial releases of Texas wines.  Currently, the Majek’s have nine wines to sniff and sip from along with their own unique large shot-like wine glass, which also look reminiscent of juice glasses. There is both a dry and semi-sweet Blanc du Bois that are both quite nice, but the special treat is the Sparkling Blanc du Bois. It is a nice sparkling that’s dry and quite refreshing.  Dry red wine lovers will be pleased with the Black Spanish (Lenoir) wine.  It has all that expected tastes and flavors of a good dry red wine.  Their port-style Lenoir can pack quite a punch in both flavor and aroma.  Sip this one lightly. The Cardinal’s Kiss is something you may not expect but don’t miss it as you will love it.  It’s a mix of Riesling and Black Spanish that has turned out to be a delightfully sweet and unique combo. There is also a Tempranillo (dry & sweet) on the list, a sweet Orange Muscat and a dry rose (Cardinal’s Perch – Merlot/Tempranillo/Black Spanish blend) to try, as well.  While you’re enjoying the tasting room and your sipping, do take the time to check out the paintings on the walls from local artists.  You’ll enjoy the country friendly atmosphere and the views of this place from the tasting room that has a wall of large open windows that give just the right light and scenic backdrop.  Majek is now on the Texas Independence Wine Trail, too.  It’s good to see quality viticulture and enology owners at work as they add their mark to the Texas wine industry.  Enjoy and have fun!

IMG_5483 - Majek Vineyard & Winery