Now here’s an interesting twist on wine.  Wine for a good cause! Cindy Sebek created the Gift Wine Company to help fight hunger.  Partnering with Oak Ridge Winery, three wines were made for this good cause: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Old Vine Red.  For every bottle purchased, 10 pounds of food was donated to the food banks serving southwest Texas.   This help provided meals for many families in need.  This particular cabernet is a great one to try. The grapes are from the Lodi area of California, so you know your quality expectations have risen ten-fold!   It has a big berry aroma to help work up you sensory appetite. The flavors of rich dense fruit really permeate the palate initially followed by subtle peppery notes.  It has a good balance and finishes smooth and nice.  So, yes… it does taste really good.  Grill up your favorite meaty dish and throw in some freshly picked veggies for this one.  This is a wine to enjoy and savor while you delight in the fact that you are also supporting a great cause.  Feed the World and Enjoy!

IMG_5586 - Oak Ridge Winery - The Gracious Gift Cabernet Sauvignon - 2011