Introduce your taste buds to some fine Rhone style wines from Texas. This blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache, and Cinsaut is what it’s all about in fine Texas wines.  From the color, to the aroma, to the taste, you will definitely have the full sensory experience with this red wine.  Upon the initial pour and first swirl you will enjoy the sensory aroma of this wine, noting nice deep earthy scents.  Take a few sips and you experience a smooth dry finish on your palate.  Good isn’t it?  You may also find some raspberry and cherry flavors presenting themselves while melding with light pepper. Take a few more sips and you’ll be thoroughly pleased with the smooth and balanced feel of this wine.  Now the only question left for you to ponder is what nice steak you’ll pair this one with when you decide to drink it. Enjoy!

IMG_7952 - Alamosa Wine Cellars - Palette - 2010