Each winery we’ve visited has had its own unique story to it.  At The Weimary, you get that plus a unique story to each bottle. That is one of the added unique characteristics that you’ll love about this place.  Each bottle label features old black and white photos of many of the owner’s different family members. However, along with tasting each bottle and enjoying what’s inside, you need to also savor each label unique character and story, as there are some really interesting ones to be found here. That is something special that owners Sue and Patrick Gibson have added to this place, setting it apart from the others.  If you happen to have the pleasure of meeting Sue on your visit, she will definitely tell you a lot of each family photo and the story behind it with a great zest for life and humor!  The stories are quite interesting and will keep you as a customer engaged and interested.  Patrick can be found talking, too, but mostly to the vines. They planted their 4 acres of vines back in 2009 planting Blanc du Bois and Lenoir on what was once the old Grahmann Farms property and opened their tasting room and winery on Memorial weekend in 2012. They are currently on their 6th leaf.  Braman Winery and Haak have been helping them out with their wine production as well as facilities in New Mexico.  Besides the story telling on the wine labels, you’ll also enjoy a good selection of good wine from sweet to medium to dry. It’s best to have your tasting partner around so both of you can divide and conquer their extensive list. They’ve done a nice job with the Blanc du Bois wines (Fred & Frieda), but you’ll be in for a treat with the Sweet Cheeks version. It actually has about 8% Malbec blended with it to kick it up a notch. The Sunshine & Victory blends (white & red) have some Moscato blended in to make for a great chilled lemonade alternative summer time treat. If you like reds, they have some good red blends with the Wrestler Red and Sidekick. The Broken Bow is a actually a nice light version of Cabernet Sauvignon that’ll surprise some white wine drinkers with its good taste and aroma. For Merlot drinkers, do try The Competition. The bold red wine drinkers should appreciate Strong Arm Jack which has been aged 18 months and is bold, earthy, and everything else you love in a good red wine. Coming attractions planned for future releases are a Pinot Grigio and a Gewurztraminer, which we believe will not disappoint. The Weimary has a great outdoor area for just about any event, lots of open spaces, and the ideal spot for a spectacular sunset and lovely countryside views.  This is a cool place to visit next time you’re out this way so do check it out!

IMG_5487 - The Weimary