Five years? No way! My how wine goes by when you’re sipping and having fun. Last year our wine bottle inventory count was near 600. Now the current count nearing 800 bottles. How did that happen? It’s like great bottles of wine just like to fly into our cellar(s). Visiting great wineries is how that happened and we have enjoyed sharing another amazing year of wine and winery adventures with you. That just means many more great wines and to share and post about in the future as well. Not to mention the great visits and unique stories at each winery which really add to the character of each bottle, winery, and the people behind every label. Our complete wine list is on Cellertracker. Just lookup Wine Of The Moment under people. Take a look and see what you like. Give us a shout if you see something you’re interested in hearing more about and maybe we can feature it on a future post. We really enjoy trying new varietals, visiting new places, and exploring the growing industry and hope you are enjoying the ride along with us. Here’s to five more years and beyond! Cheers!