Did someone say French style wine in Texas? Why yes….it is possible and this is “THE” spot for some really, really fine French style wine made in Texas from Texas grown grapes.  Plus, owner Ben Calais just happens to be from France as well!  He grew up in the French town of Calais where he learned to make wine in Bordeaux.  Many long time Texas wine fans may remember him at his first location in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas.  That is where we first visited and tasted his wines many harvest moons ago.  A quick check of our inventory and we still have a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon as well as a 2006 (yes, 2006!) La Cuvee du Commerce still aging in our cellar from those early days.  Since then, Ben has been able to acquire quality Texas grapes to make his fine wines.   Ben has been pretty much a one man show getting the land and building construction done.  His hard labor of wine love is finally coming to form.  His wine cave will bring you a unique and cool (literally) wine tasting experience as well as a country like feel.  Not every grape makes the cut for Ben’s wine making techniques and it definitely shows in the aroma and taste.  Currently, Ben’s lineup includes a Rose, two whites and three reds to sip and savor. The 2014 chilled dry Rose is great for our Texas summer heat.  It’s a blend of Cinsault and Mourvedre.  You’ll definitely enjoy it’s cool, dry texture. You may need at least a case to get you through this hot and muggy summer.  The 2013 and 2012 Roussanne wine from the High Plains are like night and day.  Both are uniquely good.  The 2013 harvest for Texas was a bit lean because of the late freeze.  As such, there wasn’t that much fruit, but what was available is full in flavor.  The 2012 Roussanne was aged for 30 months.  Leave it to Ben to be able to age this white varietal for this long and turn out so well.  The 2012 Sangiovese has that nice earthy unfiltered flavor that just makes your whole mouth feel satisfied.  Ben has also done a fine job on the 2012 Tempranillo.  It should age well for those who are patient with their reds.  For the 2012 Cabernet Suavignon, just put a case of this in your coffin for the afterlife.  Yes, it is that good.  Ben knows cabs!  Available for purchase is the 2011 Marrons.  After all, what is a good meal without a nice Madera to end off the night?  Add this to your wine stash.  Future estate plans do call for a vineyard to be planted.  It sounded like Ben was focused on Tannat and only Tannat.  After all, the right grapes with the right soil in the right climate is where the “Q” in quality wine starts.  Future wine releases include some single vineyard varietal wines as well as a limited Bordeaux style release.  In addition to wine, Ben also makes some great homemade bread.  Yes, he is talented in food and wine. Maybe he should have a bread shop alongside his winery!  One thing we guarantee, you won’t find a bad drop of wine here.  So, come on out and sip and chat with Ben while enjoying his great tasting wines.  It’s a great place to visit!  Cheers!

IMG_7953 - Calais Winery