It’s always nice to pour a good old white wine that has aged well. The deep golden yellow color is always a pleasure to gaze at as one sizes up the vino before sipping. Radiance is a slightly sweet Riesling made by Rancho Ponte. It was one of their first wines released when they first opened. While you’re lost in the depths of this wine’s color, you’re nose will detect the unmistakable citrus aromas in the glass. There are also honeydew notes as well. Take a few sips and the melon and pear flavors unfold. After sipping and smelling, you’ll enjoy how the fruit notes lend themselves to a fruit salad like feel. It’s good served chilled, enjoyed both by itself as a great wine for warm summer days and likewise pairs nicely with your lighter summer dishes like salads and pastas.

IMG_7986 - Rancho Ponte - Radiance - 2007