What a nice jewel to have discovered! Texas Hills Vineyard has been producing consistent Cabernet Sauvignons for quite some time.   This eleven year old bottle is a testament that Texas cabs can age long term and still hold their quality. Grapes for this vintage were sourced from Drew Tallent Vineyards located in Mason County. With its higher elevation and great soil conditions, Mason County has proven itself has a wonderful place for quality Texas Hill Country vineyards. Upon pouring, the color of this wine still looks really good. There is not as much fading and just a touch of separation starting to appear. The aromas are still quite pleasant, although probably not as strong on the fruit senses as its younger version. Taking a look at the cork and you’ll just “ooh” and “ah” at the very dark color and crystals. Vanilla flavors are strong in this one as well as some peppery notes.   The tannins are still firm… so break out that hunk of red meat for pairing! Even the sediments are tasty. There are some early signs that it has starting its decline, but it is still quite suitable for devoted red wine drinkers. If you’ve had this one in your well cared for cellar since day one, then it should still be good, but we would recommend you pop the cork and enjoy soon. If you came across a bottle in a local wine shop yesterday, then you definitely have an interesting taste of Texas to enjoy . Cheers!

IMG_8026 -Texas Hills Vineyard - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2004