Yes, the last vintage of the famous El Guapo from Alamosa is coming to an end.  This lovely Rioja style red wine is a blend of Tempranillo (86%), Graciano (10%), and Garnacha (4%).  The 2011 vintage has to be winemaker Jim Johnson’s finest achievement.  There just aren’t enough good words to use to describe this wonderful work of art.  Here are some “to the point” buzz words to help get you excited.   It’s dry, it’s aromatic, it’s tobaccoy, it’s earthy, it’s cherry, it’s balanced, it has lovely medium tannins, and it’s just super beautiful!  Care to add more? Please do! Your complimentary words will only enhance the pleasure as you sip and swirl.  Keep your remaining bottles in a good quality wine cellar and you will more than likely have some long lasting El Guapos until 2020….maybe even longer.  Perhaps over the remaining years, we’ll pull out a bottle from our stash on occasion and see how it progresses.  Something great to look forward to! Savor every last bottle, cherish every last sip, 2011 was a phenomenal year for grapes in spite of and due to the drought and Jim did an amazing job with this vintage. It’s simply a beautiful red! Cheers everyone!

IMG_8057 - Alamosa Wine Cellars - El Guapo - 2011