Get ready for your new favorite summer white wine! In Texas, summer can still go well into fall, so you’re still good. This blend of Trebbiano 75%, Roussanne 17%, Viognier 8% has some of the best white grapes that Texas has to offer. This straw colored wine is crisp with a bit of effervescence. The lemon notes are pleasantly strong and complimented by the kiwi notes. It is a medium bodied wine and quite zesty! It has a nice light finish that leaves you thirsty for more. A great complexity all around for this release. Had you been to the tasting sessions at the winery, you may have heard “Bastrop pine forest” in the description, as well, since there is a hint of local pine that has also been detected on some palates. Once you try the wine, you understand the reference. We heard thru the grapevine that this wine can pair well with a little bit of heat. So, find something spicy and pop the cork on one of these bottles for a fantastic pairing. Enjoy!

IMG_8055 - Kuhlman Cellars - Calcaria - 2014