Yes, this is one of those wonderful Cabernet Sauvignons that has aged well and deserves to be savored to the last drop. Pat yourself on the back if you purchased extra bottles and tucked them into your cellar. This intensely ink dark, smooth and velvety soft red is just one of those lovely wines you want to linger over as you slowly enjoy each sip. It is full bodied and the fruit has held up well. With moderate tannins and cherry and blueberry notes, it’s a great summer red. It will likely hold up for a few more years if you’ve been storing this one properly. The wine pairs nicely with steak and even compliments blueberry pie or cobblers. It’s a top quality wine, so treat it that way when you enjoy it. Keep cellaring this one well our wine thirsty friends!

IMG_8039 - Texas Hills Vineyards - Kick Butt Cab - 2008