Are you stuck in the endless summer heat that is lingering into fall without a vacation in sight right now? Has your supply of Rosé run dry? Well, this fruit blend wine may be just your cure. This fruit blend of 60% Pear and 40% Pineapple seems to have just the right sweetness and fruity appeal to satisfy those longing for a sweet tropical treat. There is good balance between the two fruits in this wine, with the pineapple notes a little more pronounced yet not too overpowering. It’s great to enjoy on the back porch as you dream about Hawaii or some other tropical destination. Enjoy this one chilled to appreciate it’s tropical notes of paradise. Don’t be afraid to try the ‘Pineapple Express’ ….. you just might find a great new wine destination to enjoy!

IMG_8085 - Maydelle Country Wines - Pineapple Express - NV