This was one of the first sets of wines released by the winery back in 2009.  This Mediterranean style blend of Roussannne, Chenin Blanc, Viognier,  and Muscat exemplifies the great start that Perissos had. As a Bronze medal winner from the 2009 Texas Lone Star International Wine Competition, it still holds its own after all these years.   The initial sight of that deep golden yellow well aged white is a sign that patience and extreme care can pay off in the end.  It is still pleasantly dry with some good minerality.  You’ll definitely detect strong aromas of lemon and apricots with a bit of honeysuckle in addition to the herbs and flower notes that round out the sensory experience. Vintages like this one are best tasted in sip spurts. You’ll get a better taste of some of the fruit that has held on over the years as well as some spiciness towards the end. This wine still has great complexity and if you’ve a) managed to hold on to a bottle from those first days, and b) maintained that bottle in good cellar conditions, then you’ll be rewarded with a good tasting wine that brings back those pleasant first days when Perissos first opened.  Enjoy wine friends!

IMG_8062 - Perissos Vineyard & Winery - Roussanne Blend - 2007