Every drop from this magnificent wine is like a drop from the wine gods.  Every waft of the intoxicating aroma and sip is worth savoring from this bottle. It may just be that you’ve found a new best friend.  This Bordeaux style wine from Inwood is a melding of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and a touch of Tempranillo.  The tint is a beautiful rich crimson. On the nose you will detect intense smokiness.  As you enjoy each sip as you’ll be greeted with cherry and plum notes. Simply soul satisfying, isn’t it?  That will be followed by some of those peppery notes and spice. That long lasting smooth finish has to be one of the best “icing on the cake” experiences you can have.  Its medium bodied and has a bit of earthiness that complements the excellent complexity.  Have extra bottles?  Good!  Everything in this wine is holding up quite well and those extra bottles should still last a bit longer. One of the added benefits of savoring this wine is knowing that it is not something that Inwood makes every year. If the grapes aren’t just right, the winemaker waits…until a year when the fruit will do a new vintage justice…and that my friends is how high quality wines are born! Have one at some unexpected evening just for yourself, because you deserve it.  Savor and enjoy!

IMG_8064 - Inwood Estates Vineyards - Magellan - 2008