These 2011 Texas red wines have not been disappointing. A great year for Texas wines! The rich and intense flavors from that year add proof that there is gold in the Texas wine industry.  This Sangiovese blend (78% Sangiovese, 13% Syrah 5%, Montepulciano, 4% Tempranillo) lives up to the reputation of one of Flat Creek’s flag ship wines and a great tasting Texas wine, too.  This wine has a good light color for a Sangiovese. On the nose you will enjoy aromas of cherry, blackberry, and plum.  The intense flavors of this vintage are major factor in wanting to stock pile this vintage. The medium bodied, low acidity wine melds bold fruit and nut notes, followed by a relatively long finish that tapers off with a nice spice and tobacco finish. It is a simply pleasant wine to enjoy with pasta dishes and at the end of a long day. Praise the Texas wine gods for blessing Texas with such a jewel.  Cheers!

IMG_8087 - Flat Creek Estate - Super Texan - 2011