Have you already googled this wine?  Are you still in disbelief that it was aged for 30 months? We’ll we can attest that it is very true and if you are still in doubt, then the wonderful taste and aromas from this wine will make you a believer.  Leave it to Ben Calais to be able to age this Roussanne so long and have it turn out so well.  The deep golden color makes it look like a 10+ year old white, but that’s the result of the small tight oak barrel method.  It may initially come across has high alcohol, but trust us it is not.  What you’ll get are some complex notes of almonds to nutmeg which is quite a treat. Yes, for real!  Now prepare your palate for some interesting flavors.  Let’s just lay it out a few samples – butter, goat cheese, caramel, truffle,….oh my!  And yes, that is some heat you feel with the finish.  Top that off with some acidity and pepperiness and wow!  Nice, eh?  For 30 months, you might already have preconditioned your brain to prepare for strong oak, but surprisingly it’s light to moderate on the oak notes. Indeed,  Ben figured out the magic to bring forth different notes in these grapes. This is just an absolutely lovely Roussanne that any white wine connoisseur would love to have in their inventory.  If you’re up for an interesting comparison, do try his 2012 Roussanne.  Of course, you might have to wait a while before we post our thoughts on that one,  but there’s no stopping you from enjoying both now.    Drink well our wine fans and thoroughly enjoy this one as it is a real treat! Santé!

IMG_8310 - Calais Winery - Roussanne La Cuvee Principale Reserve - 2012