This is our first taste at Location Wines.  Location Wines are a series of wines crafted by Dave Phinney of Orin Swift Cellars to show the “best” characteristics of wines from various regions around the world. Our first look at one of these wines is an Italian wine labeled I – 1.  It is a blend of mostly Negroamaro, Nero d’Avola, and Barbera grapes.  This featured wine could definitely use a good hour or so of decanting to allow it to fully open up.  It was quite hot after the first pour. You’ll note aromas of raspberries and plums while being in awe of its deep purple to ruby red hue. You’ll taste some olives and blueberry, followed by some strong spicy notes with a bit of acidity. It is quite tannic with a very long lingering finish.  You may even pick up on some minerality towards the end. Overall the wine has a good character and a nice medium body.  Not bad for a featured wine to help us all gain a better sense of the terroir and wine making styles with different varietals of a particular country or region.  More location wines will be sampled and reported on this year! Saluti!

IMG_8314 - Location Wines - I-1 NV