Whether you’ve waited 12 years to try this wine or you just forgot and rediscovered it makes no difference.  You’re in for one of those magnificent wine experiences.  The grapes for this wine started on their journey from Newsom Vineyards.  That alone tells you that quality fruit was used and this wine is off to a great start.  Add some good wine making and patience, and you have a great cabernet wine just waiting to be admired in the glass with aromas to be inhaled and finally sipped to be savored!   The aromas and flavors you get are still holding up well.  With big black cherries, berries, and plums, enticing you for more, you know you’ve opened the right bottle today. Surprisingly, the tannins are still holding up nicely,  so you might be able to keep this bottle around in a good cellar for a couple of more years.  Bring on that thick, fatty, and juicy steak to compliment the wine experience.  You deserved it for waiting this long!  Cheers!

IMG_8312 - Light Cather Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon - 2004