Yes!  For anyone that’s familiar with the traditional port making process, this port can be considered 50 years old.  The flavors of Eden are quite prevalent in this burnt amber jewel.  Tilt the glass on its side, and you’ll see a slight golden twinkle on the edges of this precious little gem.  The nose up front is loaded with toffee and oak.  Quite enticing!  The sights and smells help prime your taste buds for a wonderfully soft, silky, toasted pecan flavor that is classic and satisfying with this tawny port. Mellow caramel notes embrace your taste buds to put that happy sweet smile on your lips. Lovely, isn’t it? This treat will make any night better and best of all this port will last a while in the bottle.  You’ll definitely have many more sweet dreams ahead with this one. Enjoy!

IMG_8329 - Stone House Vineyard - XO Tawny Port - NV