Meticulous detail to vineyard care and the great Texas drought of 2011 has produced some of the best quality Texas grapes which can be found in this wine. This blend of Tempranillo (82%) and Touriga Nacional (18%) is a testament to that and more.  Aging for 24 months just enabled the richness of the developed flavors that the Texas Hill Country has to offer. You’ll pick up notes of cherries and a bit of cocoa in this savory blend as well as some great earthiness.  The acids are still strong in this wine, so it will likely evolve more over time.  The tannins are moderate and provide a nice long and lingering finish.  Not that we’re in the points rating business, but we’ll go out on a limb on this one and give it 95 points! We suggest obtaining multiple bottles as this one is definitely able to lay down for a while. Maybe we’ll open the next bottle in 2020, so stay tuned our wine fans! Double Cheers!!

IMG_8333 - Lewis Wines - Round Mountain Estate Blend - 2011