You’ll love this nice vineyard tucked in the countryside just outside of Columbia. In a very relaxing and beautiful setting, the vineyard and peacefulness of the surrounding trees with help set the mood for a memorable wine tasting experience.  Richard and Laura LaBarre planted their vineyard roots here about 10 years ago.  The vineyard estate has about eight acres of Carlos and Noble Muscadine.  Since then, they’ve added Lenoir vines (aka Black Spanish) as well as Herbemont.  The vineyard has a bit of a Texas connection as they told us that they had originally gotten their Black Spanish cuttings from Texas’ oldest vineyard at the Val Verde Winery.  We knew that there was something that instinctively led us here!  The winery has been operational for about eight years and serves wines made from locally sourced fruit as well as from grapes sourced out of state.  Your tasting will include a good selection of whites and reds.  They actually have a nice chardonnay to start off with that is clean, crisp, and unoaked with a bit of a lavender taste!  The Amber-Daze is a great summer time sweet blend to sip and enjoy on the porch. The Carlos Muscadine has notes of peaches and vanilla.  The Naked Noble Muscadine is a red wine made without the skins, offering a nice sweet and pleasant sipping treat.  Do check out their Strawberry wine!  It’s quite delicious with all the natural flavors you would expect in fresh strawberry fruit.  This place is well worth the country drive so stop by and enjoy the gracious company, the views and the wines.

IMG_8759 - Enoree River Winery