You’re in for a treat when you pour a glass of this great wine from the Baja region of Mexico.  This lovely red wine is a blend of Tempranillo 33%, Mision 34%, and Carignane 33%.  Ruby in color, it may tease you into thinking it will be a light tasting red at first.  Inhale the bouquet and take a few lingering sips and swirls to unleash notes of strawberry and plums to their fullest.  There is a medium finish and balanced texture making this wine a very pleasant one to the senses.  Definitely, a smooth red wine to be enjoyed either with a meal or alone. After your initial glass, pour another and let it sit for a couple of hours.  It really begins to open up to show its full potential to the palate. A fine example of good wine from one of Mexico’s largest wine producing regions!  Easy to drink…we hope you enjoy well, wine friends!

IMG_8700 - Santo Tomas - Mision 13 - 2013