Barranca, Barranca…turn to the left….turn to the right or straight up the vineyard valley.  Either way, you are steering in the direction of everlasting wine paradise.  First, that “popping” sound after just opening the bottle entices your senses for something new and exciting.  Like a child just discovering some fantastic candy, you can’t help but immediately smell the bottom of the cork to get a hint of what is to come.  Your wine Jedi training has disciplined you to let it breathe a bit before tasting because you know this will lead to some fantastic wine to taste!  Better yet, you probably will use a decanter.  This six blend red of 41% Petite Sirah, 36% Malbec, 14% Grenache, 5% Carignan, 2% Cinsault and 2% Mourvedre will definitely seduce you with some intense aromas.  Yes, the warm red color is seducing as you make that first pour.  Make note of sweet berries and licorice which initially greet you.  Nice, isn’t it?  Now take another sip to ensure your palate gets to catalogue all the wonderful flavors in the wine. Though mostly a middle mouth feel, it is full bodied with some dirty and leathery characters. The structure is quite nice and not too tannic.  Yes, the finish is long and very nice!  Pour another glass and linger over the dusty, mellow elegantness that is Barranca. Yes, a bottle you will cherish and love for eternity.  Enjoy well!

IMAG2860 - Kuhlman Cellars - Barranca -2013