Oh man, yes this wine is that good!  Take that initial gaze into that vibrant ruby color.  Spiced berries, cigars, and floral notes will be there to great your first sip. After the first few sips, you’ll pick up flavors of cherry, strawberry, and elegant spices.  It has a light body at first, but really develops more moderate density after being opened.  It’s about medium acidity, so it should pair well with many fine foods.  With a nice structure and well-rounded feel, you’ll savor those lasting moments of a fantastic finish!  Yes, the pronunciation can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t deter you from trying this varietal or this wine. It is very aromatic and flavorful with sufficient body and soft tannins to satisfy those who love a good rich red wine. It is a worthy successor to the 2011 vintage. Enjoy well!

IMG_8694 - Duchman Family Winery - Aglianico - 2012