If you want to take a drive off the beaten path and really get way out into the middle of nowhere in the country,  then this might be your winery destination. Stop, relax, and have fun while you get ready to sample a wealth of offerings at City Scape Winery.  The current owners, Josh and Deb Jones, bought the winery from Wayne and Anita Tamme last year.  The winery has been open for about eight years. Josh and Deb had been practicing wine making prior to buying the winery and were delighted to take over the business at City Scape when the opportunity arose. The location and setting is quite beautiful.  The tasting room is relaxing with a welcoming cozy feel. There are about two acres currently planted on the twelve-acre estate.  Carlos and Noble Muscadine vines can be found here in addition to some Black Spanish. They also source from other vineyards to help supplement their production.  All wines are made on site.   You’ll get to  try a nice selection of wines from whites, to blushes, to reds, and yes….dessert!  The Pineapple Riesling is really special and will put smile on your face.  Their white Muscadines are a nice surprise. The Palmetto Gold white Muscadine has a little bit of a whisky taste to it!  You’ll really like the Raspberry White Zin which has the expected raspberry notes.  Their red Muscadine wines are not harsh at all and pack lovely fruit flavors that make them quite pleasant.  The Carolina Nights is a mix of Blackberry, Merlot, and Noble.  Nothing is overpowering and it comes across as well balanced.  Their Dark Chocolate Red is a proprietary blend that pairs very well with dark chocolate.  They’ve also made a good light tasting Blackberry Merlot.  When you end off your tasting with the Coffee Delight (port style wines) you might want to be outside on the patio to relish the surrounding scenery.  These are some good quality wines to enjoy at a great price. The owners have plans for renovations and enhancements for the estate that include a bed and breakfast. It’s a super friendly place to sit, sip, and enjoy the pleasant county side of South Carolina. Stop by and sip a spell!