100% Graciano from Rioja? Yes, they do exist! This opaque ruby colored wine is one of those delightful ones to savor. The nutty aromas and berries are just the tip of the sensory tease for this beauty. You may notice hints of plums and a bit of chocolate notes too. That’s why you enjoy breathing in a good wine like this before taking the first sip. After all, you don’t want to miss any of the experience this wine has to offer, do you? On the first sip you experience flavors of plums, cherries, and a bit of orange. Nice, isn’t it? They’ll be followed by some spice, pepper and some good wholesome earthiness! The very lovely tannins lead to a super lingering finish. Yes, have another sip and enjoy all over again. It’s dry, yet fruity for this medium bodied Graciano. The acids demand nothing less than a good fatty meal to compliment your evening experience. Enjoy this savory and rich wine. It’s a fine example of the best flavors from Rioja. Salud!