Sometimes, the wine cellar throws a few surprises.  This original white wine from Hye Meadow is one of them. The wine is made with 90% Chardonnay and 10% Riesling, sourced from the Columbian Valley.  What may not have initially been intended to keep this long has held up very well.  The color has only moderately intensified over the years. The aromas are still quite nice and you get notes of tart green apple, subtle yeast and butter on the palate. The “crispness” has not diminished one bit! Take away the vintage, and you’d think it was last year’s Chardonnay just aged a tad bit longer.  It’s an incredibly great white for a hot summer day that is very refreshing and will pair nicely with many dishes. We’re always pleased when one of these originals turns out well and even more tickled when they have aged without any significant compromise.  Thanks to the grapes, the winemaker, the cellar, and some good wine luck, we were able to sip and really enjoy this wine recently.  Until the next one, cheers!