Sourced from Bellanzi vineyards in New Mexico, this beautiful red wine is a pleasure to behold and taste.  Popping the cork, you’ll notice a nice black coating signifying a great experience awaits!  Admire the light-colored red in the glass as you anticipate the initial waft of its lovely bouquet. On the nose, you will get a hint of leather and some cocoa as you swirl and inhale. You might just repeat a few times because smelling wine is sometimes more enjoyable than tasting it and much of the taste is tied to our noses. Take the first few sips and savor the blueberry and plum that dance across your palate.  It still has decent tannins, so this one continues to open and develop the longer it’s in the glass. This medium bodied ’09 Montepulciano has aged well and is certainly able to cellar longer. This is a lovely wine to pair with food, but also entirely enjoyable on its own. Great wine like this one is certainly to be remembered!

IMG_8900 - Llano Estacado - Montepulciano - 2009