Great wines come to those you have the patience to wait!  This ten-year-old Sangiovese from San Martino is a testament to how Texas wine can age well.  Sourced from Newsom Vineyards, the high plains fruit has melded nicely with the beautiful oak flavors in this wine. The cherry and raspberry notes still hold up well and balance out with the great acidity in the wine.  Some peppery notes linger towards the end of the finish just to further dazzle your palate and leave you wanting another sip. The tannins are still holding their own and we believe this wine could last another couple of years before smoothing out.  This wine was a great treat to open and enjoy on its own and pair with a big pasta dish.  Though you may not be able to find this vintage at the winery, they are still producing Sangiovese from this vineyard and we have every reason to believe that subsequent vintages should no doubt still delight. We  highly encourage you to make the trip to Rockwall to visit them and taste for yourself. Enjoy well, our wine friends!

IMG_8914 - San Martino Winery - Sangiovese - 2007