What an absolutely, lovely treat to have tucked away and rediscovered!  This elegant White Zinfandel was beautiful in sight, smell, and taste!  We were happy to see how nicely this wine held up with aging and it literally tasted spectacular. It had a nice bright raspberry color with pleasant floral aromas on the nose. The raspberry and light strawberry notes were still well intact along with a long apricot finish. This sweet fruit forward chilled beauty was just what we needed on a warm evening to help shake off our workday cares.  Don’t overlook the chance to pick up any of Kiepersol’s White Zinfandel for those upcoming spring and summer evenings when you need to reach for something sweet, refreshing, and truly a delight to drink.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed drinking this one!

IMG_8929 - Kiepersol Winery - White Zinfandel - 2010