Oh man!  What a pleasure it is to enjoy such beautifully aged wine.  The light ruby red color is tantalizing to watch on that first pour.  Though this wine lacks a strong or significant bouquet on the nose, it still packs some intense strawberry and cherry flavors with a touch of creaminess. This lovely red is unfiltered, so you get all the best natural notes in this wine. Though there is a slight earthiness, this one is not as overpowering as other similar Texas Sangiovese wines can be. The acids and tannins are still holding well and have contributed to this beauty aging nicely and having the ability to continue to be enjoyed for a little while longer. Good thing there is another one in the cellar to check out in a few years! We always appreciate the wines from Solaro, as their reds are fabulous and can lay down for a while, providing the opportunity to enjoy them for many years to come. As such, you can still acquire their 2010 Sangiovese Reserve bottles and other fine wines at their winery and we highly recommend you visit them if you have not already tried any of their wines. Cheers!!

IMG_9052 - Solaro Estate - Sangiovese - 2010