We could hardly believe that we were saying, “Wow! This wine can just keep aging…” Take note at the exception of this well-made hand-crafted wine from Nevada.  The acids are perfect for this beauty. The excellent tannins present a pleasant long-lasting finish. This one exemplifies why Cabernet Franc can be addicting. On the nose you will note the enticing aroma of black licorice tempting you. The notes range from bell peppers, to plums, and a hint of strawberry in this medium-bodied wine.  The flavors meld nicely and allow this wine to pair nicely with many dishes. If you’re patient and want the best that this wine has to offer, make sure you allow it to breathe for an hour or so before you drink it. Best of all, if you are really patient and have some of these bottles in your cellar, just let those extra bottles sit a little longer, as this one can still cellar for a while longer. There were no signs of degradation in this 2007 vintage. A wonderful long-term wine for the cellar to be enjoyed throughout the years to come! 

IMG_0885 - Pahrump Valley Winery - Loken Cabernet Franc - 2007