Well, damn!  Sit back and enjoy these precious moments, because they don’t come that often.  This Tempranillo certainty began with some quality fruit and add to that a winemaker’s skillful talent, plus an owner’s patience in allowing the bottle to cellar in a constant temperature for years and you’ve got yourself a fine present! Although the wine was quite strong when first opened, it settled down quite nicely after an hour. Some of the fruit flavors have faded, yet it still held up very well. Overall, it had a good balance of fruit.  Notes of plum and pepper stood out for this 11-year-old Texas wine.  The tannins likewise held up well allowing for a pleasant lingering finish. This one could still hold the test of time for a couple of more years, but we were awfully glad we had the chance to enjoy it now. Cheers to another fine Texas Tempranillo!

IMG_0891 - Texas Hills Vineyards - Tempranillo - 2007.JPG